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Looking to the future and getting youth excited about STEM careers…

Seeds for Science also helps develop kids’ interest in STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) through interactive engaging workshops. By sharing the exciting world of science with the younger generation and through dynamic movement activities, children of all ages will develop an interest in science in addition to interrelated disciplines- Technology, Engineering and Math!

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Did You Know?

Demand for Qualified STEM Workers Is Projected to Increase in the Future


International Comparisons Suggest the U.S. Is Trailing in Developing a STEM Workforce


The Supply of STEM Talent Is Not Keeping Up With Demand


(Source: U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee, U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee, April 2012 read full report)



Seeds for Science offers interactive science based workshops which integrate learning through movement/dance in addition to Action Based Learning. Highly interactive, movement/dance activities help students retain scientific concepts. Workshops also develop critical thinking, problem solving, and team building skills. Seeds for Science facilitates learning through implementing a kinesthetic teaching approach.

Kinesthetic learning takes place when students carry out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. Each workshop is aligned with the  state of North Carolina curriculum standards.

Seeds for Science can help you reach your content-specific/program goals and learning objectives, all through getting youth up and MOVING!

Research suggests that 85% of all students are kinesthetic learners!

(Lengel, T. M., & Kuczala, M. M. (2010). The Kinesthetic Classroom: Teaching and Learning through Movement)

Benefits of using movement/dance to teach:

Increases understanding and retention

Improves social skills

Stimulates the brain/body connection


Afterschool programs


Classroom Residency

STEM/ STEAM programs

Professional Development 

and more!


The Water Cycle in Motion 

Atoms, Compounds and Molecules in Motion

Life Cycles in Motion

Microorganisms in Motion

Plant Science in Motion

The Earth in Motion

and more!

Aligned with NC Essential Standards with a focus on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
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