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Our student workshops are carefully crafted to cultivate a rich learning experience. Rooted in evidence-based movements that lay the groundwork for learning readiness, our curriculum aligns seamlessly with science standards. Through the integration of dance elements, including direction, phrasing, rhythm, space, and timing, students engage in dynamic activities designed to develop 21st-century learning skills such as creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. With engaging music, artistic teaching aids, and action-based learning principles, our workshops foster a love of learning while ensuring an age-appropriate and enjoyable educational journey for all participants.

Learn With Us

Discover an exciting opportunity for your child to explore the fascinating intersection of science and movement.

Kids Science Summer Camp Interactive

Summer Camp

Elevate your summer camp offerings with our unique blend of science and dance activities. Led by experienced instructors, our camps inspire curiosity and creativity while meeting educational standards. Whether you're an admin looking to enhance your camp program or a parent seeking an unforgettable summer experience for your child, contact us today to discover the magic of learning through movement.

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Afterschool Programs

Elevate your after-school offerings with our enriching programs that combine science and dance. Our experienced instructors deliver engaging sessions designed to enhance learning and promote creativity. Partner with us to provide your students with a dynamic after-school experience that fosters a love of learning.

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Classroom Residency

Enhance your student's learning journey with our classroom residency program, bringing the magic of science and dance directly to their school. Our skilled instructors collaborate with teachers to integrate movement-based learning into the curriculum, providing a unique opportunity for children to explore STEM concepts in a hands-on and interactive way.


Integrating Movement/Dance & Action Based Learning

Increases Brain Function

Develops Cognition and Language

Decreases Discipline Problems

Improves Social Skills

Helps Prevent Childhood Obesity

Helps Children Focus

Helps Children Retain Academic Content/Concepts

Helps Improve Test Scores

Improves Overall Health & Wellness

Lessons Currently Available

Kids Science Summer Camp
Science and Dance

These are examples of the lessons that we are currently offering, though, we also customize our lessons to your needs.

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