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for Teachers

Our teacher workshops are meticulously designed to provide a transformative learning experience. Grounded in evidence-based movements that set the stage for learning readiness, our curriculum seamlessly aligns with science standards. Led by Sesha Woodard, our workshops integrate dance elements such as direction, phrasing, rhythm, space, and timing, empowering educators to infuse creativity and innovation into their STEM lessons, transitioning them into STEAM. Whether conducted virtually or in-person, Sesha shares practical strategies and techniques that teachers can implement immediately in their classrooms to engage students in science through the arts. With engaging music, artistic teaching aids, and action-based learning principles, our workshops inspire a love of learning while ensuring an enriching and enjoyable educational journey for all educators involved.

Professional Development

Elementary Science Workshop

Live Workshops

Experience our live workshops led by Sesha Woodard, where educators gather for an immersive learning experience. Sesha personally presents to teachers, demonstrating how to seamlessly integrate dance and movement into science lessons. Through dynamic demonstrations and hands-on activities, educators gain practical insights and strategies to engage their students in STEM through the arts, transforming their teaching approach into STEAM. Book now to schedule a personalized workshop at your institution.

Elementary Science Packet

Online Guide

Discover our comprehensive online guide, providing educators with everything they need to start incorporating engaging dance into science lessons. Developed by Sesha Woodard, this guide includes step-by-step instructions, lesson plans, video tutorials, and resources to support teachers in seamlessly integrating dance and movement into their STEM curriculum. Whether you're a seasoned educator or new to the concept, our online guide empowers teachers to create dynamic and enriching learning experiences for their students.

Elementary Science Class

Virtual Workshops

Join our virtual workshops hosted by Sesha Woodard, bringing professional development directly to educators wherever they are. Sesha guides teachers through interactive sessions, demonstrating how to incorporate dance and movement into science lessons virtually. Through engaging presentations and live demonstrations, educators learn practical techniques and innovative strategies to infuse creativity into their STEM curriculum, making learning engaging and impactful. Book now to schedule a private virtual workshop for your team or join an upcoming virtual event to connect with educators from around the world.


Integrating Movement/Dance & Action Based Learning

Increases Brain Function

Develops Cognition and Language

Decreases Discipline Problems

Improves Social Skills

Helps Prevent Childhood Obesity

Helps Children Focus

Helps Children Retain Academic Content/Concepts

Helps Improve Test Scores

Improves Overall Health & Wellness

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