Faith Based Dance Classes For You

Seeds for Him brings faith based dance classes for kids to your school, day care facility, camp, afterschool program and more. Classes incorporate dance, movement and interactive activities to help children learn and retain God’s word. Customized teaching sessions and uplifting music will get kids excited about learning God’s word. Each class is customized to meet their developmental needs. Various forms of dance will be explored, including ballet, lyrical/contemporary, modern and jazz.


Amazing benefits of Dance!

Increases Brain Function

Develops Cognition and Language

Increases Social Skills

Decreases Discipline Problems

It's Absolutely FUN!




* Let’s Seek Him (Creative Movement) (Ages 2-3)

This class actively engages children by using uplifting gospel music while learning

about the Greatness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It will nurture their spirit

and also help develop gross motor skills! (30 minutes- $12/class)


* Let’s Know Him (Ages 4-5)

Children will get excited about living for Christ! Dance and movement will be

used to teach and engage children in sharing the promises and joys of living

God's Word. Children will also have fun by learning rhythm, speed, tempo and

various movement dynamics (45 minutes- $13/class)


* Let’s Build (Ages 6-8)

This class will help develop and promote social skills, conflict resolution and team

building while engaging in the art of dance. Biblical scriptures will be discussed

and incorporated into each session. Children will learn to illustrate God’s word

through movement choreography and real life application (45 minutes- $15/class)


* Let’s Lead (Ages 9-12)

This class will focus on allowing children to become critical thinkers while

nurturing their own God given creativity. Various choreographic elements will

be incorporated, including focus, levels, direction and music/lyric analysis as it

relates to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! (1 hour- $15/class)


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