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 Faith Based Dance Classes For You

Seeds for Him brings faith based dance classes for kids to your school, day care facility, camp, afterschool program and more. Classes incorporate dance, movement and interactive activities to help children learn and retain God’s word. Customized teaching sessions and uplifting music will get kids excited about learning God’s word. Each class is customized to meet their developmental needs. Various forms of dance will be explored, including ballet, lyrical/contemporary, modern and jazz.


Amazing benefits of Dance!

Increases Brain Function

Develops Cognition and Language

Increases Social Skills

Decreases Discipline Problems

It's Absolutely FUN!




* Let’s Seek Him (Creative Movement) (Ages 2-3)

This class actively engages children by using uplifting gospel music while learning

about the Greatness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It will nurture their spirit

and also help develop gross motor skills! (30 minutes- $12/class)


* Let’s Know Him (Ages 4-5)

Children will get excited about living for Christ! Dance and movement will be

used to teach and engage children in sharing the promises and joys of living

God's Word. Children will also have fun by learning rhythm, speed, tempo and

various movement dynamics (45 minutes- $13/class)


* Let’s Build (Ages 6-8)

This class will help develop and promote social skills, conflict resolution and team

building while engaging in the art of dance. Biblical scriptures will be discussed

and incorporated into each session. Children will learn to illustrate God’s word

through movement choreography and real life application (45 minutes- $15/class)


* Let’s Lead (Ages 9-12)

This class will focus on allowing children to become critical thinkers while

nurturing their own God given creativity. Various choreographic elements will

be incorporated, including focus, levels, direction and music/lyric analysis as it

relates to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! (1 hour- $15/class)


NAME: Kiara 

AGE: 18 

“Having Mrs. Woodard as a dance instructor has helped guide a pathway in my life as a Christian so that God can use me. She has taught me how to dance in a way to help reach out and deliver those around me. She showed us the proper movements to make so that we're weren't doing any moves that looked secular and displeased God. I began working with her while in elementary school I believe it was 3rd grade. In one of our lessons we began discussing how to present our bodies in a way that God could use us we read Romans 12, with Mrs. Woodard if we were dancing we had to be learning the word of God because we weren't dancing for the people that were seated in front of us but we were there to glorify God.  She made us understand that our dance had a greater purpose and meaning behind them. Throughout this chapter of Romans we discussed the way to live a godly life and one key thing that she said that day is that “You can't deliver those around you if you are not living in a way that aligns God's will for your life” so ever since this lesson I try to shape my actions and way of life to fit those according to God’s word. Just by this interaction alone it shows that Mrs. Woodard is more than just a dance instructor she is a true woman of God that is willing to help guide those around her to see Jesus Christ and his fullness.” 

NAME: Jada

AGE: 5

"I like learning about the Bible with Mrs Sesha. And when we dance we have to work hard to learn each part with our dance. That is the only way we can nail it. ..hard work oh and Jesus love. I love her (Mrs. Sesha) because she is sooo sweet and she loves to minister with us."

NAME: Makayla

AGE: 15  

"I am 15 years old and I started dancing with Sesha Woodard when I was in elementary school. Sesha has taught me many things when dancing such as, what appropriate clothing I need to wear, how to engage the audience in performing. She is a gifted and spirited woman of God. She has a kind heart. There's so much about her it's hard to put in words, but overall she's a really sweet person who you can count on."

NAME: Rochelle

Sesha and I shared an office as co-workers for over a year and she was always uplifting as we spoke about work, life, and worship. She was invited to lead a Praise and Worship dance class for the young women at our church. She did a fantastic job of ensuring that the spirit of the class was reverent and focused on Christ. I was impressed with how much she taught the girls in an hour, and the deep emotion the dancers were able to convey - gratitude, praise, and awe for our Heavenly Father and the gift of His son. I didn't know dancing could be so spiritual. Sesha has such a sweet spirit about her and pure intent for her ministry as a dancer. I am grateful to know her!"

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